Custom Made Leather Belt

Enlight Designs takes pride in bringing your unique visions to life. Recently, we had the pleasure of crafting a custom red leather belt with a lady-adorned buckle, a design specified by our discerning customer. The vibrant red hue was carefully selected to complement the customer’s taste, while the intricately detailed buckle, provided by the client, added a personalized touch. Our skilled artisans at Enlight Designs meticulously executed the project, ensuring the highest quality in craftsmanship. By seamlessly integrating the customer’s vision into our creation process, we delivered a bespoke leather accessory that not only met but exceeded their expectations. Experience the artistry of personalized leather craftsmanship with Enlight Designs.


Additional information

Weight 1.36078 kg
Dimensions 65 × 1.5 × .25 in


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