Hillside Outlaws

Enlight Designs, a distinguished artisanal craftsmanship studio, recently had the privilege of creating bespoke leather accessories for Louis, a rising country music writer and singer leading the band Hillside Outlaws. Renowned for his extraordinary vocal prowess and artistic brilliance, Louis has become a significant figure in the country music scene. Hillside Outlaws, the band he fronts, has not only graced numerous country music radio stations but has also made a significant presence on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify. Having played for various organizations across Canada, the band’s melodic tunes have left an indelible mark on the country’s musical landscape.

The collaborative journey with Louis began with a desire to encapsulate the essence of Hillside Outlaws’ music and Louis’s individuality in bespoke leather creations. Enlight Designs, known for its commitment to quality and personalization, set out to craft a custom-made leather guitar strap and keychain that would symbolize the unique journey of this talented artist and his band.

The leather guitar strap, a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, was carefully designed to reflect the rugged and authentic spirit of Hillside Outlaws. Crafted from premium-quality leather, transforming the strap into a wearable canvas that told the story of Hillside Outlaws’ musical prowess.

In addition to Louis, the picture above showcases Langley, an exceptional guitar player for Hillside Outlaws. Recognizing the importance of Langley’s contribution to the band’s dynamic sound, Enlight Designs also created a personalized keychain for him. The keychain, crafted with the same dedication and precision, bore the band’s logo integral part of Hillside Outlaws.

When presented with their custom-made accessories, Louis and Langley were visibly moved. The leather guitar strap and keychain had become more than mere accessories; they were tangible expressions of the band’s journey, individual artistry, and collective dedication to their craft.

Enlight Designs takes pride in weaving stories into every creation, ensuring that each piece resonates with the spirit of its owner. As Hillside Outlaws continue to make waves in the country music scene, their custom-made leather accessories stand as timeless artifacts, capturing the essence of their musical journey and the artistry that defines them.