Leather Work West Kelowna | Enlight Designs

At Enlight Designs we make a wide selections of leather work, and custom design leather work. We also make leather work with engravings for names call or email us or stop by our office today. You can also shop online from our wide selections. Some of the things that we make are leather sandals, leather dog collars, leather dog leashes, leather key chain, leather belts, leather axe sheath, leather bracelets, leather knife sheath and lots more.

Leather Sandals20160220_09040420160131_13381820160131_134151Leather gutiar strapLeather gutiar strapLeather Knife SheathLeather Knife SheathKnife Sheath20150901_11421220150806_20454720150806_20555320150704_185836 Shoulder strap phone case