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Our handmade leather sandals are made with leather straps for all sandals, and a special kind of insole which is not leather. All are made with a rubber bottom. At Enlight Designs we also custom make any leather sandals with leather straps and leather insoles to suite your needs, with rubber bottoms. For this kind of sandal we will give you a quote and will require a picture of what you will need. We also provide a wide range of colours for sandals should you be interested. We also provide a wide range of rubber bottoms for our sandals. Whether its something soft for your comfort while your walking or running, or a strong hard rubber for your sandals. For our sandals we also provide back straps to keep your feet in the sandals. This is suitable for adults or kids. Repair services are always an option for our customers whether you buy products from us or not. We require a picture of the sandals or to see the sandals up front and then we can let you know if it can be repaired.