Enlight Designs Leather Work And Custom Design Service We Offer

Crease Strap Leather Sandals are made from leather with carving. They are a feel good flip flop sandal with the high quality of leather. They are available in black. The bottom is made from recycled rubber. The strap is of a thin leather. The insole is made of a smooth carved material.

With a wide demand for creative and custom leather work, we at Enlight Designs take pride in our work. We are committed to work with you to make your dream project a reality. We have over 20 years of experience doing handmade leather work and custom designs. Even though we are new to the Okanagan, we offer quality handmade products and unique designs. Visit our website www.enlightdesigns.com for a wide selection of leather products and some of our custom leather work. We also do shipping within Canada and overseas.

Here is a list of handmade things that we sketched and made in West Kelowna BC Canada.

. Leather Sandals
. Custom Design Sandals
. Knife Sheath
. Custom Design Knife Sheath
. Custom Leather Gifts
. Dog Collars
. Custom Design Dog Collars
. Dog Leash
. Custom Design Dog Leash
. Leather Belts
. Custom Design Leather Belts
. Leather Bracelets
. Custom Design Leather Bracelets
. Pass Port Case
. Repair Services
. Engraving Leather Work
. Custom Leather Work And Designs