About Enlight Designs Leather Craft Goods


Hi, my name is Fitz-Morris Campbell and I love to be creative and to sketch and make things from leather. I hope I can inspire you with my handmade products and my journey to what I do today. Enlight Designs means unexpected designs. And to bring out what’s deep within my imagination to life that’s unique that people will love. Some people spend thousands of dollars going to school to learn a trade, some are taught at home like me and others like my dad, Mr. Norris Campbell was born with a gift and decided to use it as his source of income and to share it with others.Born and raised in the Caribbean on an island called Jamaica, I watched my parents daily as they made sandals and leather belts and my dad would sell them at the market. It always fascinated me how they would transform the various types of materials into strong beautiful footwear. In the year 1995 at the age of 11, I started designing and building my own sandals from scraps. My dad recognized my talent and decided to teach me the techniques I needed in order for the sandals to fit perfectly on the feet. I further went on to be the Designer and Marketing Manager for my dad for a few years.However as I grew older I realized that I was also good at Carpentry. I enrolled into the HEART Academy to further develop my skills in this area and later migrated to Canada working and providing for my family with my newly acquired skill. In the evenings after work, I would go down to the basement and make sandals, dog leashes, book covers or anything I could build with the material that I had. I would sell them to friends or their friends and associates who encouraged me to start my own company and to share the skill. This bothered me for a while and I’ve always admired the way my father operated his own enterprise.After working on a new design for the winter season the night before, I was driving and reached a traffic light and thought to myself, why do I always get the red light. Then it hit me I’ll start with Light Designs showing how versatile I can be. I didn’t have the time to start my own Enterprise as my dad but I thought about selling at the Flea Market. That very day I decided to follow my friends and start my own business and ENLIGHT DESIGNS was born. Given that my parents and siblings are so far away from me, and they are all still operating the family business I often miss them, so I talk with my mom daily. Mrs. Novia Campbell usually sits outside and looks at the stars while talking with me, some how it makes her feel close to me. As a result, the star behind Enlight Designs is a symbol to my parents that though we are miles away, yet we are close.